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Once upon a time, we were the “digital marketing agency”. But let’s face it, that label just didn’t capture the vibrant core of us—the essence of our work, the dance of our methodology that conjures up those victory dances our clients love. Enter “Conversion Marketing,” the beat of our heart. Sure, digital (internet marketing) offers an abundance of “stuff” to tinker with, but let’s get real: does it truly count? Does it ring in the change, shift the gears, spark the magic? Now, that’s where we zig while others zag. Our secret sauce? Every single move we make, every grand strategy we weave, it’s all laser-focused on acquiring the right leads and scaling revenue. 

Conversion Mastery

Our Singular Approach

At Vertical Internet Marketing, we excel in breaking free from profit plateaus. Focused fervently on conversion optimization, we furnish businesses with the potency to shatter stagnation and embrace newfound temporal freedom. By recalibrating profitability paradigms, we empower clients to channel their vigor into refining their business’s inherent value.

Experience-Driven Excellence

Backed by decades of experience, our proven strategies are designed to deliver tangible results.

Consistent Transformation

Our strategies consistently multiply revenue, month after month, year after year.

Dedication as Partners

We’re not just consultants; we’re an integral part of your team and fully committed to scaling profitability.

Crystal Clear Commitment

We thrive on transparency, honest collaboration and 100% dedication.

We’re here for you

Meet the Team

Candice Gilliatt
Candice Gilliatt


Sumeet Alvarez
Sumeet Alvarez

Content Manager

Jenn Antonucci
Jenn Antonucci

SEO Strategist

Accelerate Your Results!

Find out how the same strategies we are using to supercharge lead flow for Fortune 100s can work for you.

Online Retailer

Decreased Acquistion Cost 226%

Our data-driven approach resolved high acquisition costs while maintaining the client’s unique brand identity.

We love who we work for

Hear It from Those Who’ve High-Fived Success

Vertical Internet Marketing really knows what they’re doing and they make it easy to understand. With their help, our website is now appearing on the first page of Google and we are receiving more leads than ever. We couldn’t be happier.

Shauna Haltom

Marketing Director, Applied General Agency, LLC

Vertical Marketing produced over 50+ content pieces for our website. With their digital marketing expertise and industry related search query research, Vertical Marketing enhanced our SEO strategy. The team was wonderful to work with and met every deliverable and deadline. As a result of their SEO content development, our business’ site has seen 10x growth from organic search traffic.

Marissa Madrid

Ld Director, Digital Marketing, Healthspire, A CVS Health Company

In short time, we generated a significant amount of leads that turned into business. Running the ads that really got us to the decision makers in our marketplace gave us a nice pool of leads that we are still benefiting from months afterward.

Steve Cina

CEO, Passport For Good

Vertical Internet Marketing and Candice have been a tremendous amount of support for us, very professional, straight to the point. They don’t pull any punches or hide behind vanity metrics.

Mike Snow

Chief Technology Officer, Darn Good Yarn

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