January 29, 2015


Vertical Internet Marketing has been instrumental in optimizing many websites ranging from small companies serving a local clientele with a niche market to those with a global reach and commodity products. Here is a small sampling illustrating how Vertical iM has increased website traffic and generated leads:

Google Ads
Increased RevenueNew eCom Startup - Increased ROIIncreased ConversionsDecreased CostIncreased Clicks & ConversionsDecreased CAC

Within 6 months, this company saw a huge jump in revenue through effective Google ad campaigns.

Revenue: 217.43% increase ($269,769 vs. $84,984)
eComm conversion rate: 39.51% increase (2.4% vs. 1.72%)

4X Increase in Revenue GoogleAds eCom

Over a period of 6 months, Vertical iM increased the total revenue and conversion rate of a textile/fabric manufacturing company by creating highly structured campaigns targeting the most relevant audience.

Increased monthly revenue by 1900% Increased Revenue | Revenue Chart Increased Revenue | Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Fledgling eCom business was spending $2k a month on advertising and only seeing a $500 return, a very negative ROI. Through product research, establishing profit margins, and implementing new campaigns, we boosted ROI to 402% for this dropshipping client.

$13K Revenue and 402% ROI

New eCom Startup | Increased ROI

A small fine jewelry business in Texas needed more leads via form submissions and phone calls. We crafted the perfect combination of relevant keywords and text ads to generate more conversions over a 6-month period.

Increased monthly conversions by 96%

Increased Conversions | Goal Completions

Over a period of just 2 months, we increased a signage company’s conversion rate while saving hundreds of dollars in advertising costs.

Increased conversion rate by 200%

Decreased monthly costs by 40%

Decreased Cost | Conversion Rate vs. Monthly Costs

Vertical iM was tasked with improving the PPC campaign of a Midwest company who specializes in the manufacturing and supply of various types of fabric. Without spending a dime more than their previously set budget, a campaign overhaul yielded an increase in clicks from 1,400 to 2,409 and conversions from 10 to 138 per month.

Increased clicks by 72%
Increased conversions by 1280%


CAC Decreased. AOV Increased

We were tasked with bringing CAC down. By optimizing campaigns with new CAC and ROAS goals, we were able to hit goals on client’s KPIs while increasing AOV in just a few months. We love serving our clients well!

Online Retailer CAC-AOV Jul-Dec2019
Organic Traffic
Increased Sales - Product OptimizationIncreased Traffic - Site RevampIncreased ConversionsIncreased Traffic - Content Rate

An international yarn company tasked us with getting them more sales via organic traffic. We delivered a 32.6% YOY revenue increase in just 6 months.

Revenue: 36.2% Increase ($344,883 vs. $253,217)
eComm conversion rate: 18.13% increase (1.79% vs. 1.51%)

36.2% Revenue Jump in 6 months Organic eCom 2020-2021_36.2 Rev inc

By identifying relevant keywords, high bounce rates, and engaging in on-page product optimization, this Southern California winery saw a 17% increase in organic sales for a 3-month period versus the previous year.

17% Increase in Organic Revenue Organic eCommerce Winery Year over Year 2021-2020

This client saw a dramatic decrease in their organic sales after they underwent a site redesign with another company. They engaged us to help get their organic sales back on track. After identifying highest bounce rates of product pages, keywords that potential buyers were searching for and implementating changes, this eCom client saw a change in their organic traffic channel from $9,410 to $25,177 within 6 months.

167% increase in organic sales Organic eCom Sales Increase

After a complete website revamp that included keyword research, on-page optimization, and content creation, this tech education client saw a huge tick in organic traffic and keyword rankings in just a few short months.

22% Increase in Organic Traffic Organic Jul-Dec 2021-2020 MOM_session 39 inc Tech-Educ

After a complete revamp of the website structure, on-page optimization, and content copywriting, a Southern California client saw an immediate jump in their organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions in just 3 short months.

Increase in organic traffic of 74% Increased conversions 750% Organic Traffic Increase Organic Traffic | Site Revamp: Sessions vs. Goal Completions

Vertical iM tackled the task of converting more traffic into leads by way of a Request for Quote form. Challenge accepted from a national client! Through web page optimization and creating strong landing pages, we provided client with an uptick in conversions.

Increased conversion rate by 60% Increased Conversions by 60%  

After doing a major expansion of site, Vertical iM consistently doubled the amount of new content additions to client's ecommerce site month over month. Results yielded an increase in organic traffic from 6,775 to 8,098 within 2 months.

Increase in organic traffic of 20%
Social Media Ads
Increased ROASIncreased Leads

One of our eCommerce clients needed a boost for their 1-day Cyber Monday sale. With only $200 spent in 24 hours on two Facebook campaigns, this Southern California Winery saw over $5,000 in revenue and 25.26 ROAS (return on ad spend) overall.

25.26 ROAS with 1 Campaign Wilson Creek Winery_Cyber Monday FB Ads_11-29-21

283 Leads in 3 Months

National tech company was having trouble getting leads in the door. By crafting a lead magnet that was valuable to the target market and on-point Facebook ads, we brought our client almost 300 leads in 3 months at just over $13 per lead.

Facebook Leads Tech Industry Nov 2021 - Jan 2022

Leads Increase. Cost Decreases

The elements that made this campaign successful were impactful ad copy, targeting the right audience, and using images that resonated with the market segment.