January 29, 2015


With social media growing so rapidly, is email marketing still a viable tool? Absolutely! In fact, a Forbes article, Why Email Is Still More Effective Than Social Media Marketing, examines how customer acquisition through email campaigns has ‘quadrupled in last four years’.

Email marketing enables businesses to communicate niche information more directly with specific contact groups.  With such an emphasis on content marketing to increase online visibility with search engines and social media platforms, companies are finding that they are beefing up their site resources with valuable information. Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate this content with your customers in one of the most cost-effective means available.

Top benefits of email marketing:

  • Provides contacts with direct access to valuable, industry information tailored to existing customer/prospect segments.
  • Gives the readers of your email campaign a way to share this information conveniently via a forward or social media share.
  • Keeps them apprised on how your company is growing.
  • Clear call-to-actions increase website traffic. Google likes to see people interacting with your site.

A recent survey conducted by the marketing research firm, Ascend2, reports that 45% of marketers find email marketing to be one the most effective tool - a tie with content marketing.