January 19, 2017

Giving Back

Why We Give

We give because it is right. We have been blessed with opportunities and means many others are not afforded. As we get busier and busier, it is easy to lose sight of this fact. Giving helps us keep perspective that we are part of a whole, build a stronger community, grow our character, and teach the generations that follow.

How We Give

We give with our finances and help with our hands. Each month we earmark a charity to contribute to.

We participate alongside organizations such as:

An organization established to equip young adults that have aged out of the foster system with the skills they need to be a participating member of society instead of occupying a prison cell or a cold parking lot corner.

While America is plagued with its own problems, it is also incredibly rich compared to most of the global population. Compassion International helps bridge that gap with children in other countries living in extreme poverty.

We often learn about heart breaking stories such as children battling cancer, accidents that leave people with astronomical medical bills, or single parents without counterparts to help financially or physically.  Gofundme is a place where funds can be donated to help make ends meet.

  • James Project

James Project provides its community with the means and manpower to execute home repair and related services. This ministry is available to single parents, low income, senior citizens, special needs families, the disabled, and many others.

Bicycles for Children fundraises to provide bikes and helmets for impoverished kids. This is often their means of transportation to get to and from school. Once a year we help assemble hundreds of bikes for children in the community.