March 15, 2017

Internet Marketing Training for Start-ups & Micro-businesses

Ready to bring in qualified, new customers to your gates?  We thought so.

Welcome, please review our webinar library topics below. We have drawn upon our years of experience and results to compile a collection of videos. These resources will empower you to create and execute a marketing strategy that provides you with the leads and revenue you want.

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SEO 101

Learn how search engines rank pages, identify which keywords you should be using, and why.  We will give you insider info on different resources at your disposal.

SEO 201

Already know which keywords are important to you business? Find out what the difference is between on-page and off-page optimization, and how you can start executing each.

PPC 101

Learn how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works and why it is a great initial investment. Identify relevant keywords for your business. We’ll show you how to estimate your initial advertising budget and what results you can expect.

PPC 201

Learn how to use Google’s keyword tool to see search volumes and CPC for keywords you like to target. Understand targeting options and ad types available. Learn when and how to use them.

Lead Gen 101

Capture More Leads with Content Marketing

Start grabbing more sales opportunities by crafting integrated campaigns!

  1. Get the fundamentals of lead generation and content marketing.
  2. Find out which lead nurturing strategy will help your company soar.
  3. Learn how to plan and set up campaigns, plus interpret results.
Social Media 101

Finding Revenue in Social Media Marketing

  1. Learn the true value of social media and determine where it can fit in your overall marketing strategy.
  2. Get a complete breakdown the popular social platforms.
  3. Find out how to choose the right social media platform per target and measure your success.
Social Media 201

How to Build a Social Strategy that Drives Results

  1. Know which social platform will yield the best results for your business.
  2. Find out how to build and protect your brand the right way in the social space.
  3. Determine and align your goals.
Social Media 301

Quick Guide to Social Media Content

  1. Find out how to use targeted social media ads to your business’s advantage.
  2. Determine what your company should post, how and when.
  3. Interpret your success into meaningful data.
Blogging 101

Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging Now

  1. Learn the true value of business blogging and how you can apply it to your marketing strategy.
  2. Clear up common misconceptions about blogging.
  3. Learn strategic ways to gain online traction, leads and sales with blog posts.

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