January 29, 2015


5 Primary Advantages of an Integrated Marketing Strategy:

With an ever growing media, people can readily find many options for any one purchase.  At Vertical Internet Marketing, we firmly believe in developing integrated marketing strategies that align with your company’s goals.  It is important to address who you want to address in the channel they are searching (or shopping in), and ensure they are receiving the message you intended.  Vertical iM’s integrated marketing strategies have several benefits that afford your company’s long term growth:

  1. Holistic evaluation
  2. Minimize fragmentation
  3. Expand communication reach
  4. Communicate consistent identity
  5. Receive guidance on best practices

How Does Vertical Internet Marketing Implement Strategies?

First, we learn your business, who your competitors are, and what your overall goals are for the company.  Suppose increasing sales of Product X by 20% was one of the goals determined.  Vertical iM would identify objectives to support your growth goals, such as increase website hits for Product X by 15% in Q1 and Q2.  By establishing specific supporting activities and campaigns, Vertical iM sets to work to accomplish these objectives.  An example of supporting activities would be: post 2 blog articles related to Product X, implement pay-per-click campaign to derive 30 conversions for Product X.

Let’s not forget the measurement which is truly applied throughout the funnel.  By establishing how success will be measured during initial phases, an evaluation can be made at the close of the campaign or at specific time increments to evaluate if adjustments need to be made to any objectives or activities.  Vertical iM prides itself on providing information that is solution-based and useful for decision makers.